The Other Side of Capone

The video below is to an interview that was broadcast by Fox 32 Chicago News about the documentary film “The Other Side of Capone”.  This was the only film ever produced to portray AL Capone as a human being and show the more personal side of his life.  The first presentation in film production history to do so.  The 15-20 previous films about Capone were all one-sided and slanted to present him as a merciless, sadistic, horrible man.  Extensive, serious research paints the picture of a completely different Capone from the way Hollywood has decided to display him to the public.  All previous Capone films have shown the same old dramatized, exaggerated, rat-a-tat-tat machine gun stuff.

Robert Schoenberg, author of the book “Mr. Capone” sums it up best when he states the following: “… Capone’s story is actually so little known that moviemakers have shown no compunction about ludicrous inventions and liberties with the facts, confident that audiences will not know enough simply to laugh at them”.  The old saying that “You can’t believe everything you read in the newspapers or see in movies” has a very significant meaning when applying it to the story of Al Capone and the lack of realistic, accurate information the public has about the man.

The Other Side of Capone was produced by Richard Larsen (founder and director of the Chicago Mob Museum).  The film was directed by Ron Karpman.  The editing was by John Guccione.  Cinematography was by Dave Greenspan.  Written by Robert J. McCrea.  Michelle Govea was the production manager.  William Marzullo portrayed AL Capone.   (imdb listed)

(This video has 2/3 million views currently) 

Hosted and Narrated by: Antoinette Giancana

"This exciting new documentary presents fascinating and little-known details about the legendary Al Capone. Through the use of re-enactments and archival footage gathered after exhaustive research, this film, narrated by Antoinette Giancana, begs the question: How could a man so notorious as a ruthless gangster also be capable of giving so much of his money away to the less fortunate, display unyielding loyalty to friends and associates, warmth to strangers and even forgiveness to his enemies. It is a compelling side of Al Capone that is not to be missed."