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Born mob adjacent near the intersection of Hoodlum and Gangster, where crime and criminals were woven invisibly into the everyday fabric of life, brothers Michael and Jeffrey Gentile were at ground zero for the Chicago Outfit drama in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. .

The brothers, Michael and Jeffrey Gentile, were born in Chicago’s Little Italy in the mid-50’s, steeped from infancy in an environment where crime and criminals existed invisibly alongside their everyday lives. By the swinging 60’s, their father was running a night club, the feds were watching, and they were sitting practically ringside at the Villa Venice when Sinatra brought his Rat Pack to sing at Sam Giancana’s supper club.

They have been telling the stories about growing up mob adjacent for decades. People are fascinated and want more. Now they’re sharing their stories with the world and offer you a front row seat to the world of real and reel mobsters.

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