Capone Condom Tree

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Capone Condom Tree, Capone Condom

The perfect addition to the “man cave.”  Especially interesting when female visitors ask “Hey, what is that?”  Move the photos of da Bulls and da Bears, or your high school year book and make room for this unique new Capone novelty item.  It takes up less than one square foot of space.  It is a great conversation piece, as there is a verifiable historical connection related to the product. AL Capone died at only 48 years of age due to complications that develop during the advanced stages of the sexually transmitted disease syphilis. Big AL could have lived decades longer had he used this product! 

These displays will soon be in place on counters at convenience stores across Chicago.  But for now you can own your very own Capone Condom Tree.  It comes with 44 Capone Condoms and a sturdy lifetime revolving display stand. 

$139.00 including tax and shipping charges to your door►►► … Email Rich Larsen with your order or questions

Al Capone:  January 17, 1899 ~ January 25, 1947  

Al Capone, the most famous gangster in history, contracted the sexually transmitted disease syphilis sometime during his late teens. Although some sores appeared on his ding dong shortly after his encounter with a prostitute, he insisted that he was completely healthy and refused shots of penicillin, which may have neutralized the disease.

Some accounts have it that Capone was scared of needles and would not consent to the injections. Eventually, while serving his sentence at Alcatraz, the disease spread throughout his body, ultimately resulting in paresis of the brain. He was released from Alcatraz in 1939 with the mental equivalence of a 12 year old. He lived another 8 years in seclusion at his estate in Florida, dying from bronchopneumonia and apoplexy, brought on from a weakened immune system.

To see Al Capone’s death certificate, CLICK HERE.