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Chicago Mob Museum, about the Chicago Mob MuseumThe Chicago Mob Museum will be the first and only gangster-crime museum in Chicago.

There are four other such museums operating successfully across the U.S.   They are located in Las Vegas, Nevada – New York, N.Y. – Hot Springs, Arkansas – Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  A number of certain elements from each of these existing mob museums will be duplicated and incorporated into the layout and operation of the Chicago Mob Museum; all of which will be combined with 30+ years of research and knowledge of Chicago history from the museum’s founder and future curator, Rich Larsen.  (Lifelong resident of Chicago and former film producer)

There have been many tentative plans over the years by many Chicago crime and history buffs to create a mob museum in Chicago.   But these plans have all remained tentative and have fallen through thus far for a variety of reasons.   One reason is that the previous operators did not possess an extensive, detailed knowledge and understanding of Chicago organized crime.  The founder of the Chicago Mob Museum has researched and documented an enormous amount of information from Chicago’s golden age of gangsters (1910-2010) over the course of decades in the pursuit of his former occupation of documentary film producer.

The purpose of the Chicago Mob Museum is to chronicle and display documents and artifacts from a fascinating bygone era in Chicago history.  We will exhibit the progression of events and circumstances which led to the formation and establishing of the Chicago branch of the Mafia, most commonly known as the “Chicago Outfit”.  This one-hundred-year period began in the early 1910’s with nightclub and bordello operator Jim Colosimo.  Shortly thereafter Johnny Torrio arrived in Chicago from New York.  In approximately 1920 AL Capone first set foot in Chicago.  From there we will enumerate and expound upon the succession of Chicago Outfit bosses who ran the organization after Capone was sent to prison.  (1930’s through 2010’s)

After we have shown that Chicago was controlled by criminals for the past century, we will then show how the combined efforts of the marvelous FBI and dedicated local law enforcement put an end to this insidious criminal organization.  This was accomplished through the “Family Secrets” trial in Chicago, which resulted in the imprisonment of many high echelon Chicago Outfit leaders.  Much the same way law enforcement swooped in and chased all the wise guys out of Las Vegas, we will show that Chicago also got rid of organized crime with similar intervention from “the good guys”.  The result of visiting the museum will be the conclusion that “Crime does not pay”.   Just as Vegas has the Las Vegas Crime & Law Enforcement Museum, Chicago will soon have the Chicago Crime & Law Enforcement Museum.

1/14/2018 Update:

The Chicago Mob Museum is in the process of assembling the core group of individuals who have expressed their confidence in the veracity and potential for this new museum in Chicago. The following people will be included in the 10-12 individuals who will comprise the museum’s future board of advisors or trustees:
Richard Larsen – Founder & Curator
Jessie Domingo – Video Exhibits & Promotions Producer
Ray Sofia – Law Enforcement Consultant
K.F. – Fundraising & Marketing (Tentative member, predicated upon the outcome of a scheduled meeting 1-16. Upon definite confirmation, full name will be added)
V.R. – Sociologist (Confirmation pending)

Will also require:
Public Relations Director
Social Media Genius
Graphic Artist
Interior Designer
… and a variety of other positions  –  Contact Rich Larsen at RichLarsen0@gmail.com


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