4 Gangster Museums

The Four Currently Operating Gangster Museums in the USAChicago Mob Museum, Mob museums in the USA, 4 Gangster Museums

  1. Most commonly referred to as the Las Vegas Mob Museum, it is officially called The National Museum of Organized Crime & Law Enforcement.  This museum was created by a former mayor of Las Vegas, Oscar Goodman.  Interestingly, Goodman was also the attorney for Chicago mobster Tony Spilotro.  Spilotro was the Chicago Mob’s sort of business manager in Sin City, responsible for overseeing and protecting the Mob’s former investments there. Visit the museum’s website  HERE.
  2. Located in Hot Springs, Arkansas is The Gangster Museum of America.  Seems like an unlikely location for a gangster-themed business, but it has been in operation for a number of years and is a very successful venture.  Its success however is easy to understand, even though it is located in such an obscure city. Visit the museum’s website HERE.
  3. In New York city there is The Museum of the American Gangster.  New York is a huge Mafia city, so they rightfully should indeed have their own gangster museum.  With five different crime families controlling various parts of da Big Apple, they would surely have an abundance of material and artifacts to display in such a museum.  Visit the museum’s website HERE.
  4. Then there is The Alcatraz East Crime Museum, which is located in yet another location that makes one wonder what the hell connection the city has with organized crime.  This museum is located in the world-famous city of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Visit the museum’s website HERE.

Chicago Mob Museum, Mob museums in the USA, 4 Gangster MuseumsBut Chicago does not have its own gangster museum?  The murder capital of the universe!  The former home of AL Capone!  It’s hard to believe, but true.  This is why the current group of collaborators will be working throughout 2018 to develop and establish The Chicago Mob Museum at a location in or near the south loop area of Chicago.

Interested parties contact Rich Larsen at richlarsen0@gmail.com