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NEW MUSEUM COMING TO CHICAGO → The Chicago Mob Museum. This exciting endeavor will bring Chicago a long overdue attraction for tourists & Chicago natives alike.  As we gather gangster memorabilia and interesting artifacts, please enjoy the unique information on this website.  If you're interested in this fascinating project, please contact Rich Larsen at ... Learn More

Did you Know Al Capone Wrote a Song?

Yup, it's true.  This notorious tough guy had a soft spot and loved music.  The song was written while he was imprisoned in Alcatraz and shared with a visiting priest.  

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Review: Family Secrets Bus Tour

Today, December 10, 2017 I was “taken for a ride” on the Family Secrets Tour  bus, which was created and is operated by our friend Frank Calabrese Jr.  This was a very interesting experience, even for someone such as myself who has been researching AL Capone and the Chicago Outfit for over 30 years.  I learned a variety of new facts and information about The Chicago Outfit, and I thought I knew it all…
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Capone ring, al capone ring, chicago mob museumAl Capone's Diamond Ring

The man spared no expense on his wardrobe, and his jewelry was no exception.  A $50,000 ring in the 1920's was a rare find.
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Collectibles from Capone's Chicago Speakeasy 

Great price for an incredible, one-of-a-kind pieces of Chicago’s prohibition era history!  Own this matchbook and gambling/drinking token from the former Stratosphere Club, which was located in the still-standing downtown Chicago office building on the southwest corner of Wacker drive and Wabash avenue. . . . Learn More

The Rat Pack at the Villa Venice

The Chicago mob controlled the Villa Venice restaurant and nightclub. It was formerly located on the site of the Northbrook Hilton at 2855 Milwaukee Avenue in Northbrook Illinois.  It opened in 1920 and was once owned by Chicago mob boss Sam Giancana.  Much mystery surrounds the fire which destroyed the complex in 1967.   . . . . . . Learn More

Chicago Speakeasy Tour Video

The Chicago Outfit, also known as the Chicago Mafia, Chicago Mob, or Chicago Syndicate, was a crime syndicate based in Chicago, Illinois. Originating in South Side Chicago, the Outfit rose to power in the 1920s.  Here's a insider’s look at the famed Prohibition speakeasies run by the mob with cast members from “Boardwalk Empire.”   . . . . . . Learn More

The Other Side of Capone, Al CaponeThe Other Side of Capone

This interview was broadcast by Fox 32 Chicago News about the documentary film “The Other Side of Capone.”  It is the only film ever produced to portray AL Capone's generous side.

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Chicago Mob Museum, Mob museums in the USA

Current Gangster Museums in the USA

Information and links to the four current museums.
1. Las Vegas Mob Museum
2. Hot Springs, Arkansas
3. New York city
4. Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
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Mob Adjacent

Mob Adjacent

Brothers, Michael & Jeffrey Gentile, tell the story of growing up "adjacent" to Chicago's Little Italy in the mid-50's, where crime and criminals existed invisibly alongside our everyday lives.
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Valentine's Day Massacre Paranormal Activity, Tricia Ruiter

Valentine's Day Massacre Paranormal Activity

Tricia Ruiter will be lending her expertise to the Chicago Mob Museum's investigation of the Valentine's Day Massacre site during the summer of 2018. Tricia, Lisa L Martin, & Amanda DeLise Denwood will be converging on the site of Chicago's most infamous organized crime mass murder to conduct a number of experiments related to the endless reports of paranormal activity occurring there over the years.  . . . Learn More about Tricia HERE.

Capone Condom Tree, Capone CondomCapone Condom

You can own your very own Capone Condom Tree.  It comes with 44 Capone Condoms and a sturdy lifetime revolving display stand. 

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Chicago Gangster and Ghosts Tours


Chicago Gangster and Ghost Tours

This  2 hour, 1.5-mile walking guided tour explores the gangsters and ghosts of Chicago’s past in the area of “The Loop.”

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Stories of a Chicago Police Officer

Stories of a Chicago Police Officer

We at the Chicago Mob Museum are very happy to do anything in the world to help law enforcement any time and in any way that we can. In this instance, our friend former Chicago Police Department sergeant Larry Casey is donating a portion of his book sales to the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation..
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Capones Treasure of the Heart script

Capone's Treasure of the Heart Script

Read the full script for the movie that former Chicago producer was filming and decided to cancel because of the Weinstein matter and some casting couch accusations.
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Thompson Machine Gun, Chicago Mob MuseumThompson Machine Gun

This is an exact 8 ½ pound replica of the THOMPSON MACHINE GUN that was used in the Valentine’s Day Massacre on February 14, 1929 in Chicago.

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Dr Wayne A Johnson, A History of Violence  A History of Violence:

An Encyclopedia of 1400 Chicago Mob Murders

The Chicago Mob Museum HIGHLY RECOMMENDS this book by our friend Dr. Wayne Johnson. . . . Learn More

Bacci Pizza

Bacci Pizza

The favorite Chicago pizza of the production crew for the film "THE HAUNTING OF AL CAPONE.".
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NEW FILM ► The Haunting of Al Capone

Read read the synopsis for the new RL Films - Chicago Mob Museum film. ... Click Here

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